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A Driveway Gate is the Perfect Way to Come Home

Spectrum Fence designs custom driveway gates installation that compliment your home and the landscape of your property. Feel like royalty whenever you enter or leave your home; commission Spectrum Fence to design and craft your driveway gate masterpiece.

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Custom Driveway Gates

A beautiful custom driveway gate can be a focal point or point to your home or office while serving as a barrier to your property for those that are not welcome. Designing a driveway gate is about understanding the landscape design of the property. Spectrum Fence, a Atlanta Metro-based fence company, takes both of these into consideration with every driveway gate project.

At Spectrum Fence, we focus on both aesthetics and function. Before starting a project we communicate with our customers to understand the purpose of the gate and how it will fit into the architecture, landscape, and design of the property. We also keep in mind that the gate needs to be a secure entry point that blends into the overall architecture of the property, whether it be for your home or office. Building any effective driveway gate begins with listening to what is important to our customers. We then work with our design team to create the perfect custom driveway gate solution that addresses your needs.

In many cases, security is our first consideration in a driveway gate project. Just like the front door to your home, you want it to be inviting but secure. Obviously, no gate is 100% secure, but Spectrum Fence has worked hard to develop designs that provide each customer with driveway gates that deter trespassers in the Atlanta Metro area.

At Spectrum Fence, we offer several different options for driveway gates: wooden gates, wrought iron gates, chain-link gates, aluminum gates, and custom gates. We partner with you to ensure you select a driveway gate that conforms to the architecture of your home and fence.

With every driveway gate project, Spectrum Fence works with our customers to understand their security needs and design ideals for the project. Once we’ve determined your security needs, we assess added features that enhance ease-of-use such as remote access, slide opening, swing opening and even double gates.

When building the framework for our wood fencing projects, we use three 2×4 pressure-treated pine horizontal rails. The first two rails connect the posts of the fence horizontally near the top of the posts and closer to the ground. The third rail adds stability to the fence and is necessary for the rot board which acts as a buffer between the picket and the ground. The rot board underneath the pickets protects them from the ground moisture. Because the cedar pickets (Western Red Cedar) are the most expensive component of the fence, Spectrum Fence uses a 2×6 pressure-treated pine rot board on all of the wood fences we build. By using an expert fence contractor like Spectrum Fence, you can expect your fence to last around 15 years in the Atlanta Metro area.

Are you in need of a commercial application? We also provide commercial wood fencing services.

Instead of spending countless hours trying to decide what kind of gate to install, Spectrum Fence leverages its 15 years of experience in the Atlanta Metro area to narrow your options down to the design concepts that align with your needs. During the consultation process, we help you determine how your gate should look and function. As we develop the design, we focus on the customer’s security needs and the overall architecture of your home or property.

Contact Spectrum Fence today to speak to an expert about driveway gate construction and installation. Our company is ready to respond to all of your driveway gate needs.

Spectrum Fence offers fence staining services to prolong the life of your investment. Staining your fence helps protect the wood against ultraviolet rays and moisture, and ensures your pickets keep their bold color. For our typical Western Red Cedar fences, we recommend re-staining your fence every couple of years, which is much less expensive than having to replace your entire fence. If you are considering a wood fence for your home, one of our sales representatives will gladly listen to your needs and discuss the many options and designs available through Spectrum Fence. Are you interested in learning how much a wood fence may cost you? Get a free wood fencing estimate today and make the right choice for your current needs. A complete weather-proof fence option is aluminum. It has the appearance of iron and is essentially corrosion resistant. The major drawback with commercial aluminum fencing is the durability. If placed in a high traffic area, it may not be the most suitable option for you. A Spectrum Fence representative will be glad to discuss your goals and assist you in selecting the best option that suit your needs. Various options are available to fit both the environment and the aesthetics of the property where the fence will be installed. All of these details can be discussed with a representative to make sure Spectrum Fence helps you install the ideal fence for your property. Online estimates are also available for those who know what they want and are trying to pin down budgeting details.