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What’s Covered under Our Warranty

Manufacturers’ Warranties: Spectrum Fence will honor and administer all manufactures‘ warranties for all materials used as part of the the fence construction.

What’s Covered under Our 5-year Warranty

What’s Covered under
Our 5-year Warranty

American Fence Association Code of Ethics

  • To properly and effectively serve the needs of the ultimate user or consumer of the company’s products or services.
  • To provide a professional, competitive and successful program that will establish and maintain the integrity of the fence industry.
  • To advertise or communicate to any person or company, by conversation, correspondence, newspapers, magazines, radio, television or any other means of communication:
    • Factual information only concerned with the growth of the company or its number of operating outlets at the time of communication;
    • True and proper representation of all policies, products and any other important information which has influence on the consumer;
    • Ethical consumer advertising, to avoid any misleading claims such as, but not limited to, false comparisons, untrue, unproven or exaggerated statements, trick photography or omission of pertinent facts; and
    • Indicate to the purchaser in published price lists, catalogs and mailings, that differences in gauges, weights, sizes, grades, etc., do exist in both steel and wood fences;
  • That all products furnished and sold to consumers through, by or upon the recommendation of the company shall be represented and manufactured with ingredients or materials of acceptable standards approved by the applicable trade, profession or industry;
  • That it shall completely avoid, by demonstration and action, and shall encourage its personnel to avoid illegal practices of any sort;
  • That it shall respect all contracts, pay all obligations, maintain a good credit rating, and in other respects follow the highest standards of business conduct;
  • That it shall not, in any way, copy or represent the trademark or other distinguishing marks of other companies with intent to mislead the public; and
  • That is shall assume the moral obligation to conduct continuing research in its field, to increase its knowledge with respect to all phases of its business operation, to assist it in maintaining a competitive position, achieving better performance and obtaining maximum profits.