How Much Does Fencing Cost?

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Just like any other aspect of home projects, it’s important to consider how much you are willing to spend to install a fence on your property. Some fences, such as chain link and live fences are very affordable, while other options like ornamental fences may be a bit costly.
As you set the fencing budget, consider future costs, such as repair or replacing. (Learn more about our 5 year warranty) Wooden fences are very easy to repair and are low cost. However, due to the nature of timber, wooden fences are more susceptible to the elements compared to chain-link or steel fences.

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Please note:

  • Pricing is subject to change at any time.
  • Based on quantities of 175 LF or more
  • Additional charges for gates

Lattice Top Privacy Fence

$36-$43 per linear foot

Shadowbox Privacy Fence

$19-$23 per linear foot

Capped Top Privacy Fence


$21-$25 per linear foot

Ranch Rail w/Welded Wire

$14-$20 per linear foot

Crossbuck Rail Fence w/Welded Wire


$17-$21 per linear foot

Board on Board Privacy Fence with Flat Top Posts


$24-$28 per linear foot

Standard Dog Ear Privacy Fence


$17-$21 per linear foot

Scalloped Privacy Fence w/French Gothic Posts


$19-$23 per linear foot

Board on Board Privacy Fence with Dado Posts

$24-$28 per linear foot

Board on Board Privacy Fence

$19-$23 per linear foot

Dog Ear Privacy Fence with Dado Posts

$19-$23 per linear foot

Horizontal Privacy Fence

$24-$27 per linear foot