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Distribution centers are often located in areas that are prone to theft and vandalism. These centers are a hub for inbound and outbound logistics, making it a target for burglars. Protecting a distribution center from theft is crucial to maintain operations and avoid losses of inventory and equipment. At Spectrum Fence, as one of Atlanta’s leading commercial fence contractors, we are commercial fence contractors who understand the importance of protecting your distribution center and how installing security fencing is an essential element in that process. Here are a few elements your company should be implementing to protect your assets from theft.


Why is Distribution Center Security Important?

Distribution centers are often located in secluded areas and operate 24 hours a day. According to CargoNet’s data, cargo thefts cost companies $1.5 million per incident on average. Whether it is internal theft or from external factors, stolen inventory puts your business at risk of losing profits and customer loyalty. Furthermore, in the case of a security breach, the loss of stock can affect production and shipping times, which can lead to even more loss of revenue.


Ways to Protect Your Distribution Center

There are several ways to protect your distribution center from theft. Here are some of the most effective:


Conduct a risk assessment

Before implementing any security measures, it’s crucial a risk assessment is critical to determine the level of risk associated with the distribution center’s location, the type of products stored, and the procedures in place. The risk assessment should consider various factors, including the crime rate in the area, the center’s visibility, and access points, among others. Once potential risks are identified, you can create a security plan that addresses these risks and mitigates them.

Employ security personnel

Having security personnel onsite can significantly reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Security personnel can monitor the distribution center, limit access to unauthorized personnel, and quickly respond to incidents. Additionally, security personnel can check vehicles entering and leaving the center, inspect packages and cargo, and deter criminal activity.

commercial-fence-contractors-cameraInstall security cameras

Security cameras are one of the most effective ways to deter theft and vandalism. Security cameras can provide continuous surveillance of the distribution center, monitor activities in real time, and help law enforcement agencies investigate incidents. Installing cameras at strategic locations, such as access points and high-value areas, can provide an additional layer of defense and control access to these areas.

Implement access control measures

Implementing access control measures can help prevent unauthorized access to the distribution center. Access control measures can include keypad locks, biometric scanners, and key cards. Implementation of these devices can limit access to authorized personnel, control who can enter specific areas of the center, and monitor who is entering and leaving the facility.

Install security fencing

Security fencing is an essential element of protecting a distribution center. Installing security fencing can help deter unauthorized access, prevent theft, and vandalism. Security fencing can be customized to meet any distribution center’s requirements, including the height, material, and design. Additionally, installing security fencing can also improve the center’s aesthetic appeal, provide privacy, and reduce noise pollution.

When selecting a security fencing provider, it’s essential to choose a company with expertise, experience, and knowledge in integrating security fencing with other security measures. One recommended provider in Georgia is Spectrum Fence. They specialize in commercial-grade fencing and have served a range of industries, including distribution centers, schools, industrial facilities, and more. Spectrum Fence offers a variety of fencing solutions, including chain-link fencing, PVC fencing, ornamental iron fencing, and more.

No Two  Commercial Fence Contractors Are Alike, Chose Spectrum Fence The Trusted Fence Specialists

Protecting a distribution center from theft is crucial for maintaining operations, preventing losses, and ensuring the safety of employees. Installing security fencing is an essential element of securing the facility, along with other security measures such as security cameras, access control measures, and security personnel. By conducting a risk assessment, understanding the potential risks, and implementing the recommended security measures, you can mitigate losses due to theft and vandalism.

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