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As one of the best fence companies in Atlanta, Spectrum Fence provides a wide array of advantages for both residential and commercial fence needs. Our team of experts boasts many years of experience and specialized knowledge in the fencing industry. Whether you need a privacy, security, or aesthetics fence, we have the skills and resources to cater to your needs.

One of the advantages of choosing Spectrum Fence for residential and commercial fences is our personalized and first-class customer service. Excellent service is paramount to the satisfaction of our clients. We listen to your preferences and offer expert advice on the best-suited materials and installation techniques.

In addition to our commitment to customer service and high-quality materials, Spectrum Fence also offers competitive pricing and a 5-year warranty on workmanship (3 years on materials). We understand everyone has a budget to stick to and work hard to ensure our prices are the best in the industry. This means you can get a great-looking and durable fence without breaking the bank – whether you’re a residential or commercial customer.


Understandably, there are many other fencing companies in North Georgia, but we guarantee you that we are the best at what we do. Here is what you will get by working with us:

At Spectrum Fence, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We seek to provide you with the best fencing services at affordable costs. Also, we offer financing solutions to clients that need fencing services but are unable to pay the full costs at once. With PayPal Credit, you can buy our services and pay the balance over a given time. Interested in learning more about our financing solutions?

On top of offering the best residential fencing and commercial fencing services to our clients, we provide a 5-year warranty to ensure that our clients enjoy our services for as long as possible. Here is a breakdown of some of the things covered in our 5-year warranty.

  • Fence leaning warranty for five years
  • Workmanship warranty on each installed fence for five years
  • Loose pickets, loose sections warranty that lasts for 5 years
  • Gate adjustment warranty that lasts for five years

If you are looking for a fencing company that will communicate with you throughout the fence installation or fence repair process to ensure everything is done according to your standards, then Spectrum Fence is the company for you. Our polite, reliable, and friendly crew members will carry out the work in a fast and ethical manner.

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Most companies will claim how good they are at their services without proving it. Spectrum Fence, on the other hand, always delivers and satisfies the customers. Check out our review section here and see what our previous customers had to say. You will also notice that we have a 4.9-star rating as a testament to our high-quality services. You can be our next happy client. Give us a call today, and we will fence your property right away.


At Spectrum Fence, we offer various fencing services to our esteemed customers. Some of the fencing services include:


If you own unfenced commercial property, then it is high time you fenced the property to give it a more professional look. Some of the fence installation services that we offer for commercial properties include chain link fencing, iron and aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and many more. Give us a call today, and we will ensure your property is well fenced and secured.


Do you need a reliable and efficient fencing company to fence your home? We’ve got you. We offer residential fencing services such as wood fencing and vinyl fencing to conceal your property and keep everyone safe. If you have already fenced your home and need fence repair services, we can handle that too. We provide fence repair services, such as fence painting and fence staining, leaving your fence looking as good as new.

Why do you need to fence your home or upgrade your current fence?

If you are planning to sell your property, fencing will automatically increase its value. People will be more willing to pay more for fenced property compared to unfenced property. Therefore, if you want to sell your property for more, call us for fencing services today.

Fenced property has lower cases of trespasses compared to unfenced property. If you want to keep intruders, idlers, and strangers off your property, we highly recommend fencing the property immediately.

There are many types of fences that you can install around your property, and we have a variety. Fencing your North Georgia home will make it more appealing and attractive to people on the outside. Besides, the fence will give your property privacy and mystery that will make your home feel safer and more secure. Are you ready to fence your property and looking for a fencing company near me? Give us a call today, and we will put our most experienced and talented crew members on the job.