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Are you in Canton, GA looking for professional fencing services near me? Here at Spectrum Fence, we offer both residential fencing and commercial fencing services to customers in Canton, GA. If you want a fencing company that upholds a standard of excellent service and uses high-quality fencing materials, then you will be very pleased with our services.


Excellent customer service
Our fencing crew is trained to be professional, ethical, friendly, and considerate to the client at all times. Also, when you work with us, you can expect us to keep you updated every step of the way. At Spectrum Fence, the customer is our priority. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions during the fence installation or fence repair process. Your satisfaction is our only goal.

We offer a five-year warranty to our customers to ensure that they enjoy the full benefits of working with us. Not many fencing companies in Canton, GA can top that. Here is a closer look at what our five-year warranty covers.

  • 30-day warranty for gate adjustment
  • Workmanship warranty that lasts for five years
  • 3-year warranty on materials

Spectrum Fences offers residential and commercial fencing services at affordable rates. We keep our prices competitive so that all our customers can afford decent fencing on their property.

Are you in need of financing solutions but cannot afford them? Well, Spectrum Fence has your back. We provide financing solutions where we allow customers to buy our services and pay for them later in installments. Would you like that? Have a look at our financing solutions here. If you have any more questions, make certain that you call us right away. Spectrum Fence is here to serve you.

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Do you need proof of how good we really are at fencing? The majority of our previous customers will tell you that we are the best fencing company in Canton GA. This can be backed up by our 4.9-star rating on Google. Here is what some of our past clients said about our services.


Spectrum Fence offers two main types of services; residential fencing and commercial fencing.


We also offer fence installation and fence repair services for commercial properties. If you own commercial property, fencing would keep off trespassers and intruders. Also, commercial fencing can help to increase the value of the property. If you are planning to sell the property, you will probably sell it at a higher price if it is fenced. Our commercial fences consist of wood, vinyl, chain link, iron, and aluminum among others.


Do you own residential property that has not yet been fenced? This is your chance to work with a great fencing company, such as Spectrum Fence to give your property the fence it deserves. Did you know that a fence can act as a sound barrier? The number of distractions and noise coming from outside your compound would decrease if you fenced your home. Give us a call right away and we will get started on fencing your home. Some of the residential fences that we could install on your property include:

Reasons for repairing or maintaining your fence

Do you already have a fence around your property, but it’s in desperate need of repair or maintenance? Here are a few reasons why you should call us immediately to fix your fence.

A worn-out or damaged fence is weak and maybe broken into easily by trespassers or thieves. You need to call us for fence repair services so that we can put our best men to work and create high quality and long-lasting fence for your property. A good and robust fence will keep your property and valuables on the property safe and secure.

An old fence that needs repair decreases the aesthetic appeal of your property. Do you want your home to look attractive to passersby and onlookers? All you need to do is get that old fence repaired and it will be good as new.
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